4 Best Wikoryl Tablet Uses


Wikoryl tablet is one of the most commonly used for fever and cold in adults. Viral cold episodes are very much common …

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2 Effective Cital Syrup Uses

cital syrup

Cital syrup is one of the widely used urine alkalizer syrup in treatment of urinary tract infection. Cital is commonly prescribed medicine …

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2 Best Cyclopam Tablet Uses

cyclopam tablet

Cyclopam tablet is one of the most commonly prescribed tablet by the doctors. Cyclopam is most commonly used for abdominal pain. Lets …

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2 Dynamic Uses of Calpol Syrup

calpol syrup

Calpol syrup is one among the foremost commonly used brand for the treatment of fever in children. This syrup is one among …

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5 Quality Meftal Spas Uses

meftal spas

Meftal spas is the most widely used medicine for relief of abdominal pain. As the name suggests spas means it decreases the …

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