5 Quality Meftal Spas Tablet Uses

Meftal spas is the most widely used medicine for relief of abdominal pain. As the name suggests spas means it decreases the spasm in the abdomen which is responsible for the pain. So let’s understand the benefits of this tablet in case of emergency.

What is meftal spas tablet ?

Meftal s tablet is antispasmodic medicine used for relieving the symptoms of abdominal pain.This tablet is marketed by blue cross laboratories Ltd.

What are the contents of meftal spas tablet ?

  • Meftal spas tablet contains 250 mg mefenamic acid and 10 mg dicyclomine.
  • Meftal spas DS tablet is also available which contains 500mg mefenamic acid and 20 mg dicyclomine.

What is the action of meftal spas tablet?

The meftal s tablet has mefenamic acid and dicyclomine. Both those drug actions help in decreasing the painful spasm in the abdomen.

Mefenamic acid is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It reduces the inflammation present in the body. The systematic name of the mefenamic acid is dimethylphenyl aminobenzoic acid.

Dicyclomine is one of the anticholinergic drugs which has action over the smooth muscles of the stomach and intestine.As the action of the dicyclomine is over the smooth muscles, it helps in relieving the spasm in the intestinal wall.  

What are the meftal spas tablets uses ?

Most commonly meftal s are used in dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea means period pain in the woman.

  • Period pain – The period pain is very painful which is very throbbing and spreads to the back and thigh. When there is period pain in the woman, meftal s help to reduce the pain as it acts on the smooth muscles of the uterus.
  • Dysmenorrhea – It means painful menstrual period which comes before and during the period due to release of the prostaglandins from the uterine wall. The role of prostaglandin is to  increase the contractions of the uterus.
Meftal Spas Tablet Uses
  • Abdominal pain – In some patients, there is abdominal discomfort so at such time meftal s tablets help by relieving the pain by acting on the smooth muscles of the intestine.
  • Renal colic – Renal colic is one of the throbbing pain which becomes uncontrollable in most of the patients. At such times the meftal s tablet helps by acting on the smooth muscle of the ureter so that inflammation and spasm at the site of impaction of the renal stone will get reduced and ultimately pain of the patient reduces.
  • Muscular pain – Mefenamic acid component of the tablet acts on the skeletal muscle so that it helps in relieving the symptoms of muscular pain.

How to take meftal spas tablet?

Meftal s tablets must be taken on the advice of the doctor.

Tablet is to be taken with food only. As it contains a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug which is responsible for gastritis, so it is always to be taken with food only. It can be taken along with milk.

You must swallow the whole tablet along with water.

Do not crush or chew tablet as it is not effective.

How is this tablet stored?

Meftal s tablet is stored at the temperature below 25 degree Celsius.

What is the dose of a meftal spas tablet ?

The dose of the tablet must be taken as per the advice of the doctor. Adults can take the whole tablet once and it can be repeated 8 hourly.If you are allergic to any component of the tablet then it is better to avoid taking the tablet.

What are the side effects of tablet ?

Meftal s tablet is responsible for the following side effects. Side effects of the tablet are not the same for each patient.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach upset
  • Dizziness
  • Dryness of the mouth
  • Blurry vision
  • Weakness
  • Nervousness
  • Allergic reaction

If the side effects are mild then it can go away early but if it does not subside over the period of time then it is always better to consult your doctor immediately.  

What precautions to be taken ?

  • During pregnancy– It is always better to consult your doctor before taking this tablet during pregnancy.
  • During breastfeeding – Consult your doctor for taking tablets while you are breastfeeding your child.
  • During driving – Dicyclomine causes dizziness so it is better to avoid taking tablets when you have to drive.
  • Kidney Failure and Liver failure – The dose of the tablet is to be adjusted according to the condition of the patient so it is always better to consult your doctor when you have those conditions.
  • Heart Problems – If the patient is suffering from heart disease or gone through coronary bypass surgery then it is better to avoid taking a meftal tablet.

Meftal spas syrup

This syrup is used in children for stomach pain, colic pain due to gaseous distension of the abdomen, pain associated with gastroenteritis. It contains 10 mg dicyclomine and 40 mg simethicone. It does not contain mefenamic acid but still the name of the syrup is meftal spas.

Meftal spas syrup Bottle available in 30 ml pack

Meftal s syrup is most commonly used for abdominal colic due to gases. But it should be taken only after advice from your pediatrician in the proper dose.

Frequently asked questions

Can meftal spas tablet taken along with aciloc tablet ?

Meftal s tablets may cause gastric irritation so aciloc is an antacid tablet so it can be taken along with meftal tablets.

Can meftal spas cause infertility ?

Meftal s tablets do not cause infertility. But you should take it only on advice of the doctor.

How much time does it take for meftal spas tablets ?

Meftal s can take 30-60 minutes to start its action over the pain.

What to do if after taking meftal spas tablet pain is not decreasing ?

Consult your doctor immediately as you may need to be examined for the pain.

Can we use meftal spas along with ibugesic plus ?

It is not recommended to take two non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs at the same time as it will increase gastric discomfort.

Can I get addicted to the meftal spas tablet ?

It is not a habitual drug so you will not get addicted to meftal s tablets.

Does meftal spas tablet stop bleeding in dysmenorrhea?

This tablets will reduce the pain due to spasm of the smooth muscles of the uterus. It will not reduce bleeding.

Does meftal spas tablet affect the nervous system ?

It does not have any major action over the nervous system. So it does not affect the nervous system.

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