About Us

Little Ones Health is a platform for parents who are in need of basic knowledge about their child illness and linear Growth and development. We have tried to give awareness about the children health in this blog.

Vaccination is one of the important part as children get protection against deadly diseases. So, We have provided essential understanding of the various vaccines that parents should give to their children with the recommended schedule.

As you know Health is Wealth. So, We are going to provide you basic of investing for your children’s future. Wealth is also very much important beside the Health. So smart investing for your child future will reduce burden on the parents and stress in the family will also get reduced.

The roadmap of children’s growth and development is not an easy task. Some decisions at proper time can make it very simple. We are going to provide essential expertise for parents so that they can participate and enjoy their baby’s journey.

Dr Nikhil Rane is Consultant pediatrician (Children Specialist). He is MBBD DCH. He is in clinical practice since last 7 years. He started this blog to educate parents about the children diseases and their growth and development as some of them can make mistakes while growing their kids.

When kids get ill, they are not able to tell their pain properly so parents must understand their symptoms and signs so that timely treatment is taken and they become healthy again in short time.

All the information provided in this blog is for educational purpose only. It is always better to consult your doctor when your kid is suffering from any kind of illness.