Best 1 Meaning of Infant Colic for Parents

Colic pain in the baby is a very common problem in newborns in the evening. Parents must understand meaning of infant colic. About 40-50% of babies have colic pain problem. The main reason for this is that gas or air gets trapped in the baby’s stomach, which causes the intestines to swell and the baby suffers from abdominal pain.

As the baby cannot speak, it starts to cry out loud. This crying is such that no matter how hard you try to stop the baby crying, the baby will not stop crying. Then all the members of the family try to calm the baby down. At such time you must understand that bay is crying due to pain in the abdomen.

If the baby is crying due to gas in the baby’s stomach, it is called colic and such crying is more common in the evening, hence it is called evening colic .

What is meaning of infant colic?

If the baby cries for more than 3 hours a day, for more than 3 days, for 3 weeks, This is the meaning of infant colic.

Colic occurs equally in breast milk feeding baby, bottle milk feeding baby, son or daughter.

What causes a baby to cry?

Often the baby cries when he/she is hungry, sleepy, has a cold, his clothes are wet or he has been bitten by something.

Baby crying reasons
  •  If the baby is hungry, the baby starts crying in his/her crying language, this crying is called Hunger Cry. At such times, after feeding the baby, the baby begins to play quietly or falls asleep.
  • If the baby become sleepy, the baby starts to get irritated. In this case, the baby calms down and falls asleep by holding the baby close and carrying him/her on the lap.
  • Even if the baby has a cold, the baby starts to cry. The baby has difficulty in breathing due to the cold so putting saline drops in the baby’s nose reduces the difficulty in breathing and the baby starts playing.
  •  If the baby’s clothes are wet, the baby is having trouble so the baby starts crying because he/she cannot speak to tell about wetness.
  • It is important to take the baby out of bed when the baby starts to cry as there may be some objects on the bed or bite by insect, so the baby will get comfortable and start to play quietly.

If the crying in baby does not stop even after taking all the above measures, then its meaning of infant colic.

What are the symptoms of infant colic?

The following symptoms appear when a baby suffers from colic

  •     Suddenly the baby starts crying while drinking milk
  •     The baby grips the fist tightly, holding the legs on the abdomen, feeling bloated.
  •     Not responding to attempts to stop crying.
  •     Crying at regular intervals every day (preferably in the evening)
  •     Crying without stopping loudly

What are the main causes of infant colic?

  •     The baby become indigestible
  •     The baby drinks more milk
  •     The baby drinks less milk
  •     Flatulence while the baby is drinking milk
  •     The baby’s burping is not properly done
  •     Being allergic to certain substances in breast milk
  •     Smoking during pregnancy by mother

What to do if the baby cries a lot in the evening?

Do not get scared because the baby is crying, but it is important to take the following measures.

  •     Carrying the baby on the sidewalk in the open space
  •     Avoid crowding too many people near the baby
  •     Carry the baby on the side and pat it on the back.
  •     Lay the baby on his stomach and pat him on the back.

If the baby does not stop crying after trying all of the above, it is important to consult your pediatrician.

Bottle feeding should be avoided as much as possible. If the baby is drinking milk from a bottle, it is important to check the nipple hole. If the hole is large, the possibility of flatulence cannot be ruled out.

If the baby is drinking milk from a bottle, it is important to make sure that the nipple of the bottle is in the mouth properly. Sometimes air enters the abdomen even from the side of the nipple. Babies who drink bottled milk are more likely to have colic. So it is important to feed the baby with clean bowl with a spoon.

If the baby has fever, vomiting, diarrhea along with gas, the possibility of endangering the life of the baby cannot be ruled out, so it is necessary to consult a pediatrician without wasting time.

I hope you understand meaning of infant colic. So as a parents you must act wisely so that baby’s colic pain get relieved.

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