10 Different types of newborn baby crying

When a baby is born, all the peoples in the house are happy and take care of the newborn baby, but when the baby crying, all of them get scared. It is important to find out why the baby is crying without panicking.

The baby cries because baby cannot speak. Baby cry in different tone for different problems. If we learn to recognise such different tones of crying then we can easily understand why baby is crying and what we need to do.

Following are some problems for which baby cry. So, lets try to understand details about crying moods of the baby.

The baby is hungry

It is very common for a baby to cry for hunger and baby crying for hunger seven or eight times a day.

It is important to breastfeed the baby every two to three hours. After feeding the baby, baby start to play and stops crying. This type of cry is also known as hunger cry. If mother feed baby in time then baby also understands the timing and at the same time baby start to cry for feeding.

The baby’s clothes are wet

Check the baby’s clothes if the baby is calm and suddenly starts crying. If the baby’s clothes are wet or the baby’s nappy is wet, the baby get irritated due to wet cloths and start crying.

Even if the diaper is on, it should be checked. Often the diaper is leaked or the diaper gets wet due to urine and becomes heavy and this causes discomfort to the baby and the baby starts crying.

Gas in the baby’s stomach

It is often seen that the baby crying in the evening. At such times the mother and father starts to keep the baby silent as there will be night in sometime and if the baby does not stop crying, they gets frightened by this thought. They try to keep baby silent but baby cry continuously without stopping. If the baby does not stop crying, it may be due to gas in the stomach. Such crying is called as evening colic.

In colic, the baby cries without stopping and no matter how hard parents tries to calm the baby down, the parents should not panic and make the baby Lie on his/her stomach and pat back. So that the gas from the stomach goes out and the baby crying stops and the baby feels better.

The mother’s attention is not towards the baby

The baby’s mother often puts the baby to sleep after breastfeeding and starts working then the baby starts playing but after a while the baby gets bored and starts crying.

This baby crying is like the baby cries for 5/6 seconds and stops for 15/20 seconds and cries again. The baby’s such cry to focus on the mother. At such times, holding the baby close calms the baby down.

The baby has a cold

When a baby has a cold, the baby has difficulty in breathing. So the baby gets irritated and starts crying. A nasal saline drop should be put in both nostrils of the baby when the baby may have nasal blockage due to cold.

The drop clears the baby’s nose and reduces discomfort and the baby starts to play. But if the baby has a fever with a cold, it is important to consult a pediatrician.

The baby is getting warm

Often the baby is wrapped in a cloth after bathing. The baby falls asleep as the baby feels refreshed after bathing.

But when the baby wakes up after 2/3 hours, the wrapped clothes start to bother the baby and the baby starts crying.

The baby needs to be dressed according to the change of seasons.

The baby having difficulty to pass potty

It is common for some babies not to do potty for 3/4 days. But if the baby is having a hard time to pass stool, the baby will start crying a lot. The baby may have constipation. It is very difficult time for parents if baby crying is due to constipation. If this problem happens frequently, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician.

The baby may be tired

We often pat the baby on the back. It can also hurt the baby’s back. Also the baby is plays all the day, moving the limbs so the baby gets tired. So the baby starts to cry. Carrying the baby around at such times calms the baby down.

The baby may be bored

If the baby is playing in the same place too often, then the baby gets bored and starts crying. A baby needs entertainment just like an adult.

The baby may got infected

If the baby cries loudly and lies still and the baby does not even drink milk, then you need to consult a pediatrician.

After studying all the above, you will definitely understand what your baby was crying for. If you understand your baby’s crying, then you are the smart parent of your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can get my baby stop crying at night?

First you must have to find our reason for your baby cry most likely flatulance and hunger. Breastfeeding in time and antiflatulant drop given to baby at such time may stop your baby crying.

Why do babies cry worse at night?

Most common reason for baby cry worse at night is bloated abdomen. So burping after each feed is very much important to avoid crying of baby at night.

Can crying too long hurts baby?

Crying is one of the exercise of the baby and when baby will cry, there is reason behind it. If you find out cause and treat it properly then baby stops crying.

How do you settle crying baby?

Mothers touch is important for settling baby cry. Swaddling is one of the best way to calm the crying baby.

How to know baby is crying for pain?

Constant crying without stopping is one of the indication of baby is suffering from pain. Always try to consult your children doctor in such situation.

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