3 Unique Colimex Drops Uses in The Baby

Parents must know colimex drops uses if their baby suffers from colic pain. It is commonly used for abdominal and gripping pain in infants. So let’s understand the details of colimex drop in this article.

What are colimex drops ?

Colimex drop is one of the anti-flatulent and antispasmodic drops which helps to reduce gas formation and abdominal pain in infants. 

  • Anti flatulent means gas reducing from the abdomen. 
  • Antispasmodic means abdominal pain reduction. 

Colimex drops are manufactured by Wallace Pharmaceuticals pvt ltd.

What is the content of colimex drops ?

Colimex drop contain dicyclomine and simethicone. 

Each 1 ml of colimex drops contains 

  • Dicyclomine : 10 mg
  • Simethicone : 40 mg

Colimex drop are available in the market in 10 ml packs with dropper.

colimex drops

Colimex drop is to be stored at room temperature and keep it away from reach of the children.

What are the reasons for the gas in the abdomen of the baby ?

Gas in the abdomen is very much common in infants. There are some reasons for gas in the abdomen of the baby.

  • Excess cry : Due to excessive crying, the baby swallows air during each cry which gets trapped in the abdomen which causes colic pain in the baby’s abdomen.
  • Swallow air : While breastfeeding, some mothers do not latch their baby properly due to which some amount of air gets swallowed which traps in the abdomen of the baby which ultimately cause abdominal pain in the baby.
  • Indigestion : As the newborn baby’s intestine is not mature so it becomes difficult for the baby to digest the milk which results in gas formation in the abdomen.
  • Infection : Whenever there is infection in the tummy of the baby, gas formation occurs.

What is the action of colimex drops ?

Colimex drop contain dicyclomine and simethicone. 

  • Dicyclomine : Dicyclomine is an anticholinergic drug which acts on the intestinal smooth muscles. Dicyclomine relaxes smooth muscles of the intestine due to which abdominal pain gets reduced.
  • Simethicone : Simethicone acts as an anti gas agent. Simethicone acts as surfactant which increases surface tension of the gas bubbles formed in the abdomen which ultimately results in a burst of the bubble. So gas gets released and passed easily from the intestine.

What is colimex drop dose and how is it used ?

  • Babies between 6 month to 12 months : 10 drop (0.5 ml) every 12 hourly means twice a day
  • Babies above 1 year : 20 drops (1ml) every 12 hourly means twice a day.

What are side effects of colimex drops ?

Colimex drop does not cause much side effects as children can easily tolerate the medicine. There are some side effects which we may see with colimex drop

  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Drowsiness
  • Loss of appetite

What precautions to take while taking colimex drop ?

  • Kidney disease : If your baby is suffering from kidney disease, you can use a dose of colimex drops without adjustment. If there is severe kidney disease, then you must consult your doctor before giving colimex drops to your baby.
  • Liver Disease : If your baby suffers from liver disease, you do not need to titrate a dose of colimex drops. If there is severe liver disease then you must consult your doctor before giving drops to your baby.

What are colimex drops uses ?

Colimex drop is used in babies for the following conditions

  • Colic pain in the baby : Colic pain is very much common in babies due to trapped air or gas in the abdomen and it mostly occurs at the time of evening due to which it is also called evening colic. 
  • Excess flatulence 
  • Gripping abdominal pain

Proper burping of the baby after feeding is very much essential to avoid colic pain in the baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are colimex drops safe for babies ?

Colimex drops are commonly used in babies after 6 months of age. It can safely be used in babies under consultation of your paediatrician.

Does colimex drop make babies sleep ?

Colimex drop can cause drowsiness in the baby, so the baby may sleep after taking colimex drop but it is not applicable for each baby.

What is the age limit for colimex drops ?

Colimex drop can be given safely to babies between 6 months to 12 months of age. 

Can we give colimex drops empty stomach ?

You must avoid giving colimex drops empty stomach as it may cause stomach discomfort in your baby. So you should give medicine after 15-30 minutes of feeding. 

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