7 Ways to stop Runny Nose in Baby

Stop runny nose in baby is very delicate task for the parents but it is not difficult if they follow proper way to deal with runny nose. So lets understand how to stop runny nose in baby in this article.

What is runny nose in baby ?

Runny nose is flowing of mucus secretions from the nose continuously. Sometimes only watery discharge comes from the nose. If it gets infected then we may see thick mucus coming out from baby’s nose.

What are causes of runny nose in baby ?

Runny nose reasons are very much common in babies as follow

  • Cold Weather : During cold weather, Babies airway is not much mature during initial days, so it become difficult to adopt the cold environment in short span of time so they suffer from runny nose.
  • Allergen : Air acts as transmitter of allergen and dust. When baby inhales air during breathing, allergens get deposited in airway of the baby due to which baby sneezes a lot. Allergen deposited on the mucosal lining of the nose and sinus lead to secretion of fluid and mucus which cause runny nose in baby. Mucus secretions try to expel out dust and allergen out of the nose.
  • Virus : Most of the viruses spread through air and they get deposited in nasal mucosa and cause runny nose in baby. Most common viral infection of nose is caused by Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

What problems baby face in runny nose condition ?

When baby suffer from runny nose, baby suffers from following problems

  • Nose Block : Due to mucus secretion baby’s nose gets blocked and baby suffer from difficult in breathing and baby cry continuously.
  • Recurrent Sneezing : Due to deposition of allergens like pollen grains in the nose cause baby to sneez frequently.
  • Mild Grade Fever : Baby suffer from cold have mild grade fever. Baby become irritable in fever due to high temperature of the body and nasal congestion.
runny nose in baby
  • Sleepless Night : Due to difficulty in breathing because of nasal block, baby is not able to sleep properly and become sleepless, irritable and continuously cry.
  • Difficult Feeding : While feeding the baby, baby’s mouth is closed as well baby’s nose so it become difficult for baby to suck so baby stops feeding.

What are danger signs to look for baby with runny nose ?

Parents must aware about the danger signs in the baby as emergency may come at such times.

  • Difficulty in Breathing : Runny nose in babies cause cough in babies which ultimately responsible for difficulty in breathing. At such times, parents must consult their health provider immediately.
  • Baby Not feeding well : As baby become uncomfortable due to breathing difficulty, baby is not able to suck properly while breastfeeding as nose of the baby is closed and mouth also gets closed while feeding. So, there is no way for breathing so baby avoid to suck and stop feeding.
  • High Grade Fever : Baby’s nose become blocked due to the mucus. Mucus formed gets infected due to stagnation at the same place. So it is one of the reason for fever in runny nose in babies.

If you find out any one of danger signs in your baby, you must consult your doctor immediately.

How to cure runny nose of the baby ?

Most of the time you can easily manage to deal with runny nose in babies at home. You must do following things to get your baby relieve from congested nose.

  • Nasal Saline Drops : Nasal saline drops helps to relieve nasal congestion. So instill 1-2 drops in both nostrils 3-4 times in a day. Always instill nasal drop before breastfeeding so baby can breath properly while breastfeeding.
  • Nasal Massage : Massage of the nose from the eye downwards helps to clear blocked nose as well as it reduces secretion from eyes.
  • Chest Massage : Massage of the baby’s chest gently with fingers helps to relieve chest congestion. So baby can breath normally. You can give shake to the chest of the baby with lukewarm cloth.
  • Nasal Suction : Baby’s nose get clogged with mucus so for removal of the mucus, nasal aspirator is used. Nasal aspirator has a soft nozzle for easy cleaning of the mucus from the nose. Before applying nasal aspirator in the nose, squeeze the bulb so that vaccum is created in the bulb so that it will easily suck mucus.
  • Feed Regularly : If baby is below 6 months of age, breastfeeding at regular interval is important. If baby is over 6 months of age, give water along with milk as baby exerts a lot due to breathing difficulty and become more sick.
  • Fever Medicine : Sometimes baby has fever along with runny nose at such time you must give paracetamol (Calpol syrup)  to your baby according to the weight of the baby. Always measure temperature of the baby with the help of the digital thermometer. If it is above 100.4 degree farenheit then you have to give paracetamol syrup to your baby.
  • Nebulisation : Nebulisation of the baby with humid mist of the normal saline helps to relieve nasal congestion of the baby. Nebulisation with normal saline is sufficient if your baby is just having runny nose.

After following all above care, your baby is not getting relief then you must consult your health care provider  

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