Sinarest Syrup Uses : 1 Best Syrup for cold

Sinarest is most widely used brand for cold and runny nose. So lets understand facts about the sinarest syrup uses and sinarest tablets. It is always recommanded to take any medicine after prescription of the doctor.

Sinarest is manufactured by Centaur Pharmaceuticals pvt ltd.

Sinarest name is as per Sina in hindi means chest and Rest means rest. The brand which gives your chest rest in chest congestion is the sinarest.

Sinarest Tablet Uses

Sinarest tablet is most commonly used in adults.

Sinarest tablet contains 500 mg Paracetamol + 10 mg Phenylephrine  + 2 mg Chlorpheniramine + 30 mg Caffeine.

Sinarest tablet is a combination drug in which paracetamol acts as antipyretic which reduces fever, it also acts as analgesic so it also reduces pain while phenylephrine relieves nasal congestion, help in reducing the mucus formation in the nose and chlorpheniramine acts as antiallergen so reduces inflammation in the nasal mucosa. It can be used in headache with cold, runny nose and cold due to the allergy, throat congestion.

Sinarest Tablet Uses
Antipyretic : Reduce Fever
Analgesic : Reduces body pain
Antiallergen : Reduces Sneezing and Nasal congestion

Sinarest tablet is to be swallowed with water with meal or without meal. Do not crush the tablet as it lead to reduce the effectiveness of the tablet. When tablet is swallowed it is extended release tablet so the action of the tablet continue for the long time.

It is always recommended to take tablet after prescription of the doctor.


  • Pregnancy – It is better to take sinarest tablet on advice of your physician when you are pregnant as it contains drug which acts as sedative.
  • Breast feeding – It can be taken when you are breast feeding your baby but always try to consult your pediatrician
  • Alcohol – It is not adviced to take the sinarest tablet after consumption of the alcohol. As alcohol is already sedative and sinarest also contain sedative agents so it is better to avoid sinarest with alcohol.
  • Driving – Sinarest contains sedative agent so it is not preferable to drive a vehicle after taking sinarest tablet.
  • Kidney and liver disease – If you are suffering from major kidney or liver disease then it is always better to consult your doctor before taking sinarest as doctor may adjust dose of the tablet according to your disease condition.

Side effects of Sinarest Tablet

Every drug has some side effects but it is not applicable for every patient. So side effects are as follows

  • Nausea
  • vomiting
  • drowsiness
  • sleepiness
  • headache
  • allergic reaction

If you are suffering from any of the side effect of the tablet, avoid to take tablet.

It is not habit forming drug.

Sinarest syrup for kids

Sinarest syrup is used in children for cold and nasal congestion.

Sinarest syrup contains 1mg chlorpheniramine maleate, 5 mg phenylephrine, 125 mg paracetamol, 60 mg sodium citrate in each 5ml of syrup. Sodium citrate acts as mucolytic agent which loose our mucus from nose and throat and relieves congestion.

common cold
Common Cold

The dose of the sinarest syrup is according to the age and weight of the children. So it is always preferable to give medicine after consultation with your doctor or just check out last prescription so that you will get some idea about the dose of the syrup. Between 1 to 5 years of age, you can give 2.5 ml of syrup three times a day and above 5 years of age you can give 5 ml of syrup three times a day.

Age GroupDose of Sinarest syrup
1 to 5 Years2.5 ml Three times a day
Above 5 years5 ml Three times a day
Sinarest syrup Dose

Sinarest syrup can be given with water with or without meal. The taste of the sinarest syrup is palatable for the children so it is one of the best choice of syrup for cold in children.

It is preferable to take sinarest syrup as prescribed by your pediatrician. Dose of the syrup must be given in time so that effectiveness of the medicine work properly.

If children vomit the dose of the syrup within 15-20 minutes then give another dose of the syrup.

Side effects of the sinarest syrup are same as the sinarest tablet. But the side effects of of sinarest in children are mild.

Sinarest syrup bottle is provided with measuring cap over it so that you can easily give your child syrup in right dose.

You can use sinarest syrup upto the expiry date printed on the bottle.

Sinarest drops for children

Most commonly sinarest drops are used in children less than 6 month of age.

Sinarest drops contains 1mg chlorpheniramine maleate, 2.5 mg phenylephrine, 125 mg paracetamol in each ml of drop.

The dose of the sinarest drops is based on the weight of the baby as more dose given may cause drowsiness in the baby. So consult your pediatrician before giving sinarest drop to the baby. 0.5 ml of sinarest drop is sufficient for 4-5 kg baby weight.

Age GroupDose of Sinarest Drops
Baby below 6 month0.5 ml Three times a day
6 Month to 1 Year1 ml Three times a day
Sinarest Drops Dose

The dose of the sinarest drops is used as prescribed by your pediatrician.

Sinarest drops can be used in runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion.

Sinarest AF drop

Sinarest drops contains 1mg chlorpheniramine maleate, 2.5 mg phenylephrine in each ml of drop.

Some doctors prescribes sinarest af drop for children as they are not suffering from the fever.

The uses of the sinarest af drop are same as sinarest drop.

Age GroupDose of Sinarest AF Drops
Baby below 6 month0.5 ml Three times a day
6 Month to 1 Year1 ml Three times a day
Sinarest AF drops Dose

Sinarest AF drop do not contain paracetamol so you have to give paracetamol syrup if your baby suffering from fever along with cold.

Sinarest AF syrup for children

Sinarest af syrup contains same content only paracetamol is not present in sinarest af syrup.

Some doctors prescribes sinarest af syrup for children as they are not suffering from the fever.

The uses of the sinarest af syrup are same as sinarest syrup.

Age GroupDose of Sinarest AF Syrup
1 to 5 Years2.5 ml Three times a day
Above 5 years5 ml Three times a day
Sinarest AF Syrup Dose

Sinarest AF syrup do not contain paracetamol in it. So if your child suffer from fever along with cold then you have to give seperate paracetamol syrup. Most of the doctors prefer to give Sinarest AF syrup rather than giving Sinarest syrup which contain paracetamol in it.

Nasomist nasal drop

Newborns most commonly suffers from cold and it causes congestion in the nose. So parents are worried about the noise coming from the nose so it is always better to nasomist nasal saline drop in case of emergency as if you put single drop in each nostril can relieve nasal congestion. so baby stops crying and starts feeding as well.

Nasomist nasal drop is saline spray. It contains sodium chloride which is not harmful at all. so It can be used safely in the newborn as well as children.

Nasomist nasal drop is one of the essential drop which parents must keep with them all the time as it is useful in case of emergency whenever there is nasal congestion in your baby.

nasomist nasal drops

Most of the time at night baby cries a lot due to congestion in the nose due to which baby has difficulty in breathing so baby does not accept breastfeeding as well. At such time you can use nasomist nasal drop, put 1-2 drops of spray in each nostrils of your baby prior to the breastfeeding. So, the nasal way of breathing get clear and baby starts feeding well.

Common cold in children

Common cold in children is most commonly a vioral infection caused by Rhinovirus. Children suffer from common cold 2-3 times a year. Those viral infections are not severe, it takes 3-4 days to recover from any viral infection depending upon the immune power of the children.

You must consult your doctor if you see following symptoms in your child

  • Recurrent High grade fever
  • Excessive crying and sleeplessness
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Not eating well
  • Pain in the ear

Tips for avoiding cold in children

  • It is always better to wash your hand after coming from playing and before eating anything.
  • Drink plenty of water as it will keep you rehydrated and it also boost your immunity power.
  • Gargle with lukewarm water keep your throat congestion clear.
  • Let your child to take rest when he or she suffering from cold.

Children care is very much essential but if you follow some simple hacks while caring your child, you can easily manage some problems without much more difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give sinarest drop to my baby ?

Sinarest drop comes with calibrated dropper which you can use and give it with mouth. You can give sinarest drop with water with or without meal.

Does sinarest make you more sleepy ?

Drowsiness is one of the side effect of the sinarest so after consuming sinarest, you may be sleepy as it contains sedative agent.

Is sinarest is good for cough ?

It is useful in dry cough. It also contains mucolytic agent so it will help to reduce productive cough as well.

Does sinarest is a antibiotic ?

Sinarest is not antibiotic drug. It is anticold drug which is used for runny nose and nasal congestion.

Is sinarest used in sinusitis ?

Sinarest can be used in sinusitis as it reduces headache and congestion from nose.

Can we use nasomist nasal drop along with sinarest drop ?

Nasomist nasal drop is saline drop to be instilled in nostril while sinarest drop is to be given orally through mouth. It can be used along with sinarest drops.

Ref : Netmeds sinarest syrup

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