6 Genuine Pacimol DS Syrup Uses

Pacimol DS syrup is a common syrup prescribed for the children against the fever. So let’s understand facts about pacimol ds syrup uses.

What is Pacimol DS syrup ?

Pacimol DS is paracetamol syrup which contains 250 mg of paracetamol in each 5 ml of syrup.

What is the content of Pacimol DS syrup ?

Pacimol DS contains paracetamol which is a antipyretic and analgesic drug used for the treatment of the fever.

What is the action of Pacimol DS syrup ?

Pacimol DS decreases prostaglandin synthesis which in turn reduces inflammation in the body.

Who can take Pacimol DS syrup ?

Pacimol DS syrup can be given to children less than 6 years of age in the dose prescribed by the doctor. For children more than 6 years of age the dose of the syrup becomes high so it is better to use paracetamol tablets in those children.

There is no Pacimol ds syrup age limit as you have to give the proper dose of the syrup according to weight of the baby.

How to give Pacimol DS syrup ?

Pacimol DS is provided with a measuring cap with markings of 2.5ml, 5ml, 7.5ml, 10ml. So you can measure the dose of the syrup with a measuring cap as prescribed by the doctor and give it to your baby along with water.

  • Always wash the measuring cap after use to avoid contamination.
  • Always store syrup bottle away from the sunlight.
  • Avoid taking of other paracetamol containing drug along with pacimol ds syrup
  • If fever is not reduced after taking pacimol ds syrup for 2 days, consult your children’s doctor for the treatment.

What is Pacimol DS syrup dosage for kids ?

Pacimol DS syrup dosage is as per dose of the paracetamol which is 15 mg/kg/dose at interval of 8 hours means you can give pacimol ds syrup dose for three times a day. So for 10 kg baby, you have to give 3 ml dose.

Weight of the BabyPacimol DS Syrup dose
7-8 kg2.5 ml
10 kg3 ml
12 kg 4 ml
15 kg5 ml
18 kg 6 ml

What are the side effects of Pacimol DS syrup ?

Pacimol ds syrup contains paracetamol which does not cause much side effects but some side effects are as follows

  • Renal failure & Liver Failure : If your child is suffering from renal or liver problem then you should avoid giving syrup for longer duration.
  • Allergic reaction : If you found any allergic reaction after giving pacimol syrup then you must avoid giving syrup to your baby.
  • Abdominal pain : Paracetamol is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which increases acidic level in the stomach which ultimately leads to abdominal pain. So if your baby suffers from abdominal pain after giving pacimol ds syrup then you must stop giving syrup and consult your doctor.
  • Breathing difficulty : If you are suffering from breathing problems after taking pacimol ds syrup then you should avoid taking the next dose of the syrup and contact your doctor immediately.

What are Pacimol DS syrup uses ?

Pacimol DS syrup uses are as follow :

  • Fever : Fever is one of the common indication for giving pacimol ds syrup. You must give proper dose of the syrup to your baby according to weight of the baby. Fever means body temperature above 100.4 degree fahrenheit. You should measure the temperature of your baby before giving syrup. If it is more than 100.4 degrees fahrenheit then you should give a proper dose of syrup to your baby.
  • Headache : As pacimol ds syrup contains non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, it reduces headache.
  • Bodyache : Body Pain is common in children in viral illness or during fever so it helps to reduce body pain. Growing pain like leg pain is also very much common in children for which you can give pacimol ds syrup.
  • Pain : If your baby suffers from pain due to injury you can safely give pacimol ds syrup in the proper dose to reduce the pain associated with injury.
  • After immunization : Some children develop fever or local injection site swelling, pacimol ds syrup helps to reduce swelling and fever associated with immunization.
  • Post-operative pain : Pacimol ds syrup is safe after operative procedure. It helps to reduce post operative pain.
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