Flatuna Drops : 1 Best Reliever of Gas

Flatuna drops is one of the most widely used drops for colic pain in babies. Newborn babies most commonly suffer from bloating abdomen due to gas due to which they cry a lot in the evening. So lets understand details of the flatuna drop.

What are Flatuna drops for baby ?

Flatuna drops is fast acting gas relieving drops for baby. It gives prompt relief from colic pain due to gas in the abdomen. It can be safely used in newborn babies.

Flatuna drops acts as anti-flatulent and anti-spasmodic drops.

Anti-flatulent means reliever of the gas from the abdomen.

Anti-spasmodic means reliever of the spasm in the intestine.

Flatuna drops is marketed by Meridian Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

What is content of Flatuna drops ?

Flatuna drop contains following contents for each 1 ml of drops :

  • Simethicone : 40 mg
  • Dill Oil : 0.005 ml
  • Fennel Oil : 0.0007 ml

Flatuna drops bottle is available in 15 ml and 30 ml pack with dropper in the market.

Flatuna drops are stored at room temperature and keep it away from the children.

flatuna drops

What are causes of gas in baby ?

Gas in babies is very much common. Some amount of gas is always present in baby’s tummy in all the babies. Following are reasons for Gas in babies :

  • Swallowed air : When mother breastfeeds the baby, some amount of air goes along with milk due to inadequate latching. So, Mothers must latch her baby tightly while breastfeeding.
  • Excessive crying : When baby cries excess, they swallow ait along with their cry, ultimately it gets trapped in their tummy.
  • Indigestion : Babies intestines are not much mature to digest milk during initial days which ultimately causes gas problem in babies.
  • Infection : Intestinal infection cause gas in tummy of the baby.

What is the action of Flatuna drops ?

Simethicone : Simethicone acts as anti gas agent to get relief from bloating of abdomen due to gas. Simethicone is surfactant which helps to decrease surface tension of the bubbles formed in the intestinal tract which ultimately blast the bubble and gas can be easily passed from the intestinal tract.

Simethicone is not systemically absorbed so it is eliminated in the faeces.

Dill Oil : Dill oil is extract of seeds of Dill plant. It is also known as Indian Dill. It helps to relieve colic pain in babies.

Fennel Oil : Fennel oil is obtained from steam distillation of seeds of foeniculum vulgare plant. It is useful in excessive crying in newborn babies as it helps to relax intestines in the abdomen.

How to take Flatuna drops?

Flatuna drop can be given as drops as follows

Babies below 6 months of age : 10 drops (0.5 ml) are given 6 hourly 15 minutes before feeding.

Infant between 6 month to 12 month of age : 20 drops (1ml) are given 6 hourly 15 minutes before feeding.

Babies above 1 year of age : 20-25 drops (1ml) are given 6 hourly 15 minutes before feeding.

What are side effects of Flatuna drops ?

Flatuna drop contents are ayurvedic so they are not harmful for your baby. Simethicone in flatuna drop is not absorbed so it is excreted out from the body without causing any side effects.

What are Flatuna drops uses ?

Flatuna drops uses are as following :

  • Colic pain in infants.
  • Flatulence Relief.
  • Gripping pain of abdomen.
flatuna drops uses

What is Colic pain in Infants ?

Colic pain is very much common in infants. It is probably due to trapped air or gas formation in the intestine due to which peristalsis of intestine gets hampered and ultimately it cause abdominal pain in the infant.

Infants usually cry in the evening time so it is also known as evening colic.

Ref – National Library of Medicine

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