1 Best Care of Umblical Granuloma in newborn baby

Umblical granuloma in newborn baby develops on the baby’s umblicus shortly after birth. So let’s find out what to do when you baby is having an umblical granuloma.

What is umblical granuloma in newborn baby?

While in the mother’s womb, the baby is connected to the mother by a umbilical cord, which supplies food to the baby. After birth, the baby’s umbilical cord is cut two to three centimeter area apart and the rest of the umbilical cord is cut off after applying clamp over it.

Umbilical granuloma is a red lump-like area on the umbilicus. Therefore, normal skin does not form on the umblicus and discharge also comes out from it. It is not harmful to the baby but it is important to consult a doctor to check whether there is active infection or not.

Normally, if the baby’s umblicus is properly cared and kept clean, this part will go away automatically in a week.

What are the causes of umblical granuloma in newborn baby?

The cause of umbilical granuloma is not clear, often if it takes too long for the baby to fall through the umbilical cord, umbilical granuloma can occur. Moisture in the area can also cause umbilical granuloma.

what are symptoms of umblical granuloma in newborn baby?

  •     Appearance of pink swelling on umblicus.
  •     Redness around the umblicus.
  •     Blood and pus coming out of the umblicus.
  •     Discharge of the mucus from the umblicus.
  • Fever in baby due to infection.

Does umblical granuloma cause any discomfort to the baby?

Umbilical granuloma does not cause any discomfort to the baby as it is painless and does not pose a risk to the life. But it is important to treat umblical granuloma. This is because the area may become swollen or even infected. Timely treatment is important to avoid further complications.

Rarely, when umbilical granuloma does not heal, it can lead to complications.

  •     Bleeding from the umblicus,
  •     Swelling around the umblicus,
  •     Dirty discharge coming out of the umblicus

These types of complications appear.

What is best treatment of umblical granuloma in newborn baby?

Umbilical granuloma often does not require treatment but if it does not dry out, treatment is needed.

1) Sometimes it dries and falls off using silver nitrate or liquid nitrogen.

2) Tied with suture and removed .

The base of the umbilical granuloma is tied with the help of suture which shuts off the blood supply and dries out granuloma and later it falls off.

3) Removal by small operation.

The surgeon cuts base of the umbilical granuloma and burns the base. So it does not bleed. It does not give discomfort to the baby

What care should be taken if the baby has umbilical granuloma?

  • Allow the baby to dry out after bathing. Do not put diapers on the baby immediately.
  • It is important to wash your baby’s hands before handling or cleaning the baby’s hands.
  • If the baby has potty, clean the area immediately as the germs can get close to the baby and cause infection.
  •  The baby’s diaper should always be placed under the umbilical cord so that the umbilical cord is not pulled.
  • Babies should be cleaned with clean water only during bath.
  • Do not pull the baby’s dry umbilical cord. Let it fall its own.
  • Do not follow any kind of superstition while taking care of umbilical cord as it may be harmful for your baby’s health.

    When you will see any of the above complication then It is important to consult your pediatrician.

Understanding the above information will definitely reduce your fear about umblical granuloma in newborn baby and give you the right treatment for your baby. If you like umblical granuloma article, do share this article as it will help others.

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