10 Danger signs in Newborn Baby

Proper care of the newborn baby is very important. Parents need to be aware of some of the danger signs in newborn baby. If parents recognize these signs in time, the baby’s life can be saved. Let’s find out in this article about danger signs in newborn baby.

Baby become lethargic

Most babies drink breast milk properly. If the baby has a fever or the baby’s nose is blocked by a cold, the baby may stop drinking milk. It is one of the danger signs in newborn baby. Contact your pediatrician if your baby stops breastfeeding or has trouble in drinking.

Baby has trouble in breathing

The baby often has a cold and cough, but if the baby’s illness is severe, the baby will have trouble breathing and the baby will breathe loudly. In addition, if the chest muscles are being pulled into the ribs, you should contact your pediatrician immediately. In most cases, the baby may be at risk due to pneumonia or heart disease.

Baby vomiting frequently

After drinking breast milk, sometimes baby vomit the milk through the nose and mouth. After burping, keep it on the lateral side for a while to reduce vomiting.

But if the baby is vomiting frequently, is not drinking milk and has swelling in the abdomen, contact your pediatrician immediately.

If the vomit is being thrown away due to obstruction in the baby’s intestines, there is a possibility of obstruction in the baby’s stomach. In such cases, you should contact your pediatrician immediately.

Frequent Loose motions

The newborn often pass poo immediately after drinking milk. Some babies do this 10/12 times a day. Some babies do it once in 3/4 days. There is no reason to worry about that. But if the baby is passing poo 10/12 times, is not drinking milk and is vomiting along with it and the baby is lethargic, if the baby’s perianal area are is then there is reason to worry.

Baby may suffer from dehydration if frequent loose motions continues and baby not breast feeding or drinking fluids. In such cases, you should contact your pediatrician immediately.

Decreased urination

The newborn urinates for the first time in the first 24 to 48 hours. But if the baby does not urinate in the first 48 hours, this is a cause for concern.

Often the baby cries while urinating or before doing so but this is normal. But if the baby cries while urinating and has a fever, the baby may have a urinary tract infection.

Posterior urethral valve problems in male children can affect the baby. It is very important to diagnose this disease in time.so you should consult your paediatrician if you find such symptoms in your baby.

Baby loosing weight

This is a cause for concern if the baby is losing weight or the baby’s frontal fontanell is deep, even though the baby is drinking milk properly. Even if the mother is deficient in breast milk, in such case baby can lose weight. It is very important to consult your pediatrician at such times.

Fever in the baby

It is very important to control the temperature of the newborn baby. If the baby’s body temperature increases or goes above 100 Fahrenheit, the baby may have infection. Most of the time fever is sign of the infection, sometimes fever may be due to dehydration. So, If the baby have fever, baby needs to shown to your doctor immediately.

The baby turns black and blue

If the baby has jaundice, it may be a cause for concern. If the baby has jaundice, then there will be yellowish discoloration of skin of the newborn .If the jaundice is up to the palms of the hands and feet, it is important to see your doctor immediately.

Jaundice usually appears on the third day, increases to the fifth day and decreases to the eighth day. But if jaundice appears from the first day, contact your doctor immediately.

If the baby turns blue or has black hands, feet and lips, the baby is more likely to have respiratory and heart problems.

Baby suffers from convulsion

If the baby is having convulsions and the baby is rolling his eyes and clenching his fist, it is important consult your paediatrician immediately

Bleeding from the umbilicus

If there is redness near the baby’s umbilicus or if there is blood or discharge coming from the baby’s umbilicus, the baby may have a umblical infection. At such time consult your doctor immediately

Timely treatment is always beneficial in danger signs in newborn baby. Therefore, it is important to take the baby to the right doctor or pediatrician.

Wise parents recognize their baby’s symptoms and take timely treatment.

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