Best treatment of the Abscess in the children

Abscess is very common problem in young children. This is because children often get injured while playing and if germs enter through the wound, abscess will form at the site of wound.

Lets understand how abscess in the children is formed and what to do if it gets bigger and its complications in this article.

What is abscess in the children ?

An abscess is a subcutaneous infection. Normally, bacteria are present on the skin But they are not dangerous for the skin.

While playing children get injured or get cut on any part of the skin, someone bites or the hair is pulled out suddenly, in such a situation bacteria on the skin gains access to subcutaneous tissue and infection starts to grow there .

The Abscess can most commonly form on an area where there is hair on the body, the sweaty area, the armpits, the neck, the thighs and the places where there is a lot of friction. Otherwise, an abscess can form on any part of the body.

What are causes of abscess in the children?

The cause of the abscess formation is not clear but the following conditions can cause abscess in the children.

  • Babies often get injuries on their body while playing. At such times, scratches on the skin cause injuries and from there the germs on the skin enter and cause abscess.
  • If the child is sweating excessively, the sweat over the skin may turn into small abscess.
  • Abscess may form under the skin due to bite of stray animal.
  • Children’s immune systems are weakened by other diseases, so the body’s immune system sends white cells to the skin to reduce the risk of infection. Therefore, pus is formed in that place and as the pus grows in that place, the pain in that place also increases.

What are symptoms of abscess in the children?

The abscess is always small at the beginning, a blister appears on the area and the swelling in that area starts to increase in a few days and the area starts to become red and painful.

In young children if the abscess is overgrown, they can get a lot of fever and chills, as there is a possibility of spreading the infection in the blood.

How abscess in the children is diagnosed?

Doctors diagnose abscess in the children based on the baby’s symptoms and by examining the area where the pus has formed.

What is treatment of abscess in the children?

If a child has an abscess, taking some good care at home can cure it

  • The skin needs to be cleansed with soap while bathing to reduce the number of bacteria on the skin.
  • It is important to remove the baby’s nails as they can break out the pus blisters by their nails.
  • Don’t try to get rid of the pus because it can be painful for your child. It also spreads pus to the normal skin and the infection can spread to other sites as well.
  • It is very important to wash the baby’s hands and your hands frequently. This can prevent spread of infection.
  • If the baby has a fever, it is essential to consult your pediatrician. They can give medicine to control fever and infection.
  • If the abscess is very large, it is important to consult a doctor first.

In some cases, the abscess does not subside or continues to grow even with medication and in such case, the surgeon may advice you about small operation on abscess formed area. This operation is called incision and drainage.

In the operation of incision and drainage, after giving anesthesia, the incision is made in the abscess area and the entire pus is removed. Sometimes pockets are formed in such abscess. They are also released so that there will not be recurrence of abscess.

The wound is cleansed and dressed. Most of the time, the wound is hollow, so it is necessary to apply dressing every day for a few days to heal it.

After this operation the doctor prescribes antibiotics to reduce the pain as well as reduce the infection.

After reading the entire article above, you will understand what to do if your child has abscess. Timely treatment is always the cure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best treatment for abscess?

If the abscess is small, it may be better to give medicine. However, if it is enlarged, the incision and drainage is the best treatment as it relieves babys pain and the infection also subsides.

What happens to the baby if there is abscess?

If the abscess is large, then the baby gets irritable and cries a lot. He may also have a high grade fever.

Abscesses can be caused by which bacteria?

Staphylococcus as well as Streptococcus bacteria often cause abscesses.

What should be given to the baby in the meal after the operation?

Always include home-cooked meals. Also giving lemon juice like lemon, orange, citrus in the meal helps the baby to heal the wound quickly.

Does the baby will have any problems after the operation?

After the operation, the baby’s pre-operative discomfort gets reduced and the baby’s irritability and crying is also get reduced immediately.

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