Importance of Health Insurance for kids

You have seldom heard of buying health insurance for kids because most of the parents think that major illness can only happen in old age. But it is important for you to know that parents can often feel uncomfortable when they see their child’s expenses at a time when even a newborn baby can get a major illness. But if the children health insurance is bought in time, then it is very beneficial. Let’s learn in this article why it is important to buy health insurance for kids.

What is health insurance?

The meaning of health insurance is present in its name. Health means health and insurance means security. The shield that is bought for caring of health is health insurance. Health insurance is a type of insurance which covers the cost of hospitalization, cost of medicines, cost of examination and doctor’s examination fee if the insured person is ill so that the person does not suffer any financial loss.

Health insurance is a type of agreement between the purchaser and the insurance company in which if the person or the family of the person falls ill, the company pays for the treatment of the illness but The amount fixed by the company for such insurance is to be paid as premium for that person every year. That amount is not refundable because it is a kind of contract.

Why it is important to have health insurance for kids ?

Parents feel that their child is well and will not suffer from any kind of disease. But it is not right to think so because it is not possible to predict which person will get which disease and that is why it is very important to buy health insurance for children. Getting health insurance for kids is important for the following reasons

  • Babies have a congenital disease

Newborn babies may have to undergo major treatment at a time when they may have birth defects. The cost of such treatment is very high and often such newborns also need surgery so the cost of treatment is very high therefore health insurance for newborns helps financially at such time.

  • Lack of immunity

Children also have low immunity so they are prone to colds, coughs, fevers, diarrhea and other ailments.

  • Injury while playing

The cost of treating a child may increase when they get injured while playing as they do not have understanding. At such time it is always beneficial to have health insurance for kids

  • Frequent sickness

As the diet of young children has changed drastically and the eating habits of young children are often unhealthy, children get sick many time in a year.

In addition to all of the above, it is not possible to predict which other illnesses will occur at which time. As we have seen, there was an pandemic called Corona in 2020 in which many people lost their lives and the cost of hospitalization was very high so it is important for you to understand this. If you have health insurance for any illness you may have, then it is better to buy health insurance so that financial planning does not get compromised.

Is it possible to avoid buying health insurance in kids?

When man is born, it is not predicted that how much he will live. Therefore, it is very important to buy health insurance for young children, but it is very important for parents to take the following measures so that their children can stay healthy if their parents take good care of their child.

  • Eat a proper diet

If children are given proper diet, their immunity will be regular, so they are less likely to get sick. This can be helpful in keeping the baby healthy

  • Get in the habit of exercising regularly

If parents want to keep their child healthy, they need to get in the habit of exercising regularly so that their children stay healthy and avoid illness

  • Wash hands and feet after coming from outside

It is important for young children to make it a habit to wash their hands and feet when they are playing outside, as germs in their hands enter their stomachs and increase their risk of infection, as children do not wash their hands when they come out or play. Infection can be prevented

What diseases are more common in young children?

The biggest misconception is that young children do not get major illness, so it is very important for parents to monitor their children’s health. The following types of ailments are more common in young children

  • Pneumonia

Colds often turn into pneumonia because of the change in the environment. Infants are often treated at home by their parents, so the chances of a child getting pneumonia are greatly increased. If a child has pneumonia, he should be hospitalized.

  • Diarrhea

Babies are more prone to diarrhea because when they touch any object in the house while playing and use the same hand for eating food, it is very important to clean their hands frequently with soap and water. Such an infection can be diarrhea and young children become very lethargic due to dehydration so they may need to be hospitalized.

  • Childhood asthma

Due to the constant changes in the environment, the incidence of childhood asthma has increased a lot in young children. Parents are also get frightened when infants have difficulty in breathing at night and only in the morning, and they may need to be hospitalized if the problem is severe or exacerbated.

  • Dengue

Dengue is spread by mosquitoes from a sick patient to a healthy patient. Patients with dengue fever have low platelets in their blood. If the platelets are less than one lakh then this patient may be hospitalized as this disease may be get severe.

  • Typhoid

At present, the incidence of typhoid is low because we drink only clean drinking water and the incidence of typhoid is very low as vaccination is available. Symptoms include high fever, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain. Typhoid is often treated in OPD but may require hospitalization if symptoms are severe.

  • Urinary tract infections

The incidence of urinary tract infections is higher in girls than in boys. In this disease, the urinary bladder is inflamed and infected. The infection can spread to the kidneys. Therefore, if the patient is admitted to the hospital and treated in time, the disease will be cured quickly. Symptoms include high grade fever and chills

  • Hernia

Hernias are also more common in young children. They are more likely to have a hernia from birth, but it is more common in children as they get older. If hernia traps intestines then it is a kind of emergency, in which case an emergency operation may be required and the child may need to be hospitalized.

  • Hydrocele

In some babies, the sac under the penis is congenitally inflamed. The swelling that comes is called hydrocele. In this disease, water accumulates around the baby’s testis. In some children, the swelling may subside over time. But if the swelling does not subside, surgery is needed

  • Abscess formation

Surgery may be needed if the medication is not effective in reducing the pus in young children due to injury or for other reasons. Abcess is very much common problems in children.

Newborns are more prone to major congenital diseases. Most of the time you can understand these diseases in the mother’s sonography. The newborn will need to be admitted in NICU.

So it is very important to have health insurance for kids as it will protect you financially at difficult times. Always think positive but we must have some kind of backup so that we will not suffer from financial stress.

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