7 Best Newborn Baby Care for Parents

When a new baby is born at home, all the members in the home are happy, but when it comes time to take newborn baby care, they get worried. It is important to know how to take newborn baby care at such a time.

Which things are important to know after baby’s birth ?

There are some important things to know when a baby is born.

1) Does the baby cry immediately after birth?

2) Is the baby’s anal opening is normal?

3) Does the baby vomit frequently?

4) Does the baby having difficulty in breathing?

5) Does the baby have difficulty in drinking milk?

If any of the above signs appear, it is important toto consult pediatrician immediately.

How should parents take care of a new baby?

If there is first time parents, they always take newborn baby care smartly. But it is very important to take proper care of your baby without panic. So let’s learn how to take care of a newborn baby

Feeding the baby only breast milk

It is important to breastfeed the baby within half an hour after birth. Even if it is a normal or cesarean delivery, it is important to breast feed the baby as early as possible.

The mother’s early milk is called colostrum. It contains antibodies needed to boost the baby’s immune system. Vitamin A in it is important for baby’s eyes. Colostrum is also important in reducing the incidence of jaundice in babies. If all these benefits are free and are good for your baby’s health, then it is important that you should take advantage of them.

Even if the mother’s milk is low, it is important to breastfeed the baby because when the baby sucks the nipple, it produces a hormone called oxytocin in the mother’s body which ultimately increase the secretion of the milk, and the mother must always be positive then only her milk gradually increases.

Breastfeeding immediately after birth increases the bond between mother and baby.

Checking the babys body temperature

After delivery the baby is suddenly exposed to a different environment so the babys body temperature may drop. At such times it is important to wrap the baby in a cotton cloth.

In winter, special care should be taken with the babys body temperature. If the baby’s body temperature drops too low, the baby may become lethargic, it can endanger the baby’s life.

Don’t just delay to dress the baby. The baby can be dressed even on the first day.

The baby’s body temperature can also be high as the weather is hot in summer. It is very important to measure the temperature of the newborn baby with a thermometer. If the baby has a fever of more than 100 Fahrenheit, give fever medicine.

Newborn baby care for baby body temperature plays very crucial role. So, parents should alert about it.

If the fever does not go away even after taking the medicine and the baby is lethargic, you should contact your pediatrician immediately.

Baby passed stool or not

First of all, it is important to check if the baby has a place to pass the poo means you have to check baby’s anal opening. If the area is normal, it is important for the baby to pass the poo in first 24 hours. If the baby has not pass the stool in the first 24 hours and the baby’s stomach is bloated or the baby is not drinking milk properly, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician immediately.

Newborn baby can pass dark color stool called as meconium. Often, if there is an obstruction in the baby’s intestines, the baby cannot pass the poo and it is an emergency.

It is normal if the baby has passed poo within 24 hours or the baby poo 7-8 times a day or once in 3-4 days.

Baby’s urination

It is important for the baby to urinate in the first 48 hours. While the baby is urinating, it is important to check that the baby’s urinary flow.

If the baby is a male and the baby’s urine is dripping, there is a risk of obstruction in the baby’s urinary tract. Such an obstruction is called as posterior urethral valve. It is necessary to consult a paediatrician if you find such symptom.

Baby scalp care

When a baby is born, baby’s skull bones are not attached but they are connected by a thick fleshy membrane.

There are 4 types of fontanell on the baby’s skull. But the fontanell on the frontal side is the largest. The growth of a baby’s brain lasts for one and a half to two years. These skull bones are not attached as there should be some space for growth of the baby’s brain.

Most of the members of home are concerned about when the frontal fontanell will get filled so, much oil or turmeric is applied to the scalp. By doing such things it will takes it own time of 18 months to get close.

On the contrary, applying too much oil can cause fungus to grow on the baby’s scalp, and contact of that part of the brain increases the baby’s risk of brain infection, so avoid putting oil or turmeric on the baby’s scalp.

Baby Umbilical care

The umbilical cord is cut 2-3 cm apart at birth and the umbilical cord dries out on the seventh or eighth day. Avoid applying oil on the umbilical cord after umbilical cord fall. The place get dry in 1-2 days. Powder should not be applied on the area.

If there is any dirt or blood coming from the umbilicus, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician. Often the baby’s umbilical region is too high at such time, the baby may have an umbilical hernia. This hernia is formed due to the distance between the abdominal muscles, but it decreases by the age of two to three years.

If umbilical hernia persists after three years, she may need surgery.

Massaging the baby

Massaging the baby calms the baby. Increases blood circulation in the baby’s body. Digestion is regulated, helping to strengthen the baby’s muscles. The bond between mother and baby becomes stronger.

Singing while massaging makes the baby feel comfortable. Gases are also reduced. Massage with simple coconut oil is beneficial. Do not use mustard oil or unrefined peanut oil for massage. Do not put oil in baby’s ears, nose and senses while massaging.

If you take newborn baby care as the above way and identify the danger signs, you can avoid the danger to your baby.

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