Nasoclear Nasal Drops : 1 Best Nose Cleaner

Nasoclear nasal drops are one of the best saline nasal drops for the baby. Nasal congestion is a common problem in babies. It is very helpful for babies whose nose gets stuffed due to mucus as it clears the mucus and relieves from breathing difficulty.

What are Nasoclear Nasal Drops ?

Nasoclear nasal drops are the saline drops used to clear snuffy nose of  the babies. It contains saline means sodium chloride which helps to break down sticky mucus from the nose.

What are the contents of Nasoclear nasal drops ?

This drops contain sodium chloride and Benzalkonium chloride solution.

  • Sodium Chloride : 0.65% Sodium chloride along with distilled water
  • Benzalkonium chloride : 0.03% Benzalkonium chloride solution which acts as preservative.

It is marketed as a 20 ml bottle solution.

nasoclear nasal drops
Nasoclear Nasal Drops

What is the action of nasoclear nasal drops ?

As the nasoclear drops contains sodium chloride, it acts as follow :

  • Mucolytic : Sodium chloride solution in nasoclear nasal drop acts as mucolytic. It breaks down mucus stickiness and flush out mucus so the clogged nose gets clear.
  • Sodium chloride : It attracts water so it causes liquefaction of the mucus which can be easily flush out from the nose.
  • Benzalkonium chloride : acts as an antimicrobial preservative for nasal solution. It acts as antiseptic.

What is Nasal Congestion ?

Nasal congestion is a condition in which the nose becomes closed due to the swelling of tissue and blood vessels. Nasal congestion is very much common in cold, viral infections, allergy and sinusitis.

In Sinusitis, there is swelling of tissue inside of the sinuses due to which babies may suffer from headache and they cry continuously because of pain.

Baby cries a lot suddenly at night and stops feeding as well in nasal congestion. While the mother starts to feed the baby as the baby is crying, as the baby’s nose is closed due to mucus, the baby is not able to breathe properly and the mouth is also closed on the breast so breathing becomes very difficult for the baby. So the baby is not able to breastfeed while the nose is blocked due to mucus.

If your baby has fever along with nasal congestion, you must consult your health care provider as baby may suffer from infection in such case.

What are Nasoclear nasal drop uses ?

Nasal Saline Drops are used for following conditions :

  • Snuffy Nose : Snuffy nose is very much common in newborns and infants. So to get relief from nasal congestion nasoclear nasal drops are used.
  • Moisturise the Nose : Nasoclear nasal drops contain sodium chloride with distilled water which moisturise nasal crusts formed in the nose. So the nose does not get clogged totally.

How to use Nasoclear drops ?

Nasoclear drops are safely used in newborn and infants. It is instilled in the nose of the baby. Nasoclear drops act as spray so you just have to press the nasal drop bottle once.

While instilling nasal drops, you should keep the head of the baby backwards so that the nasal drop gets infiltrated totally in the nose. It removes crusts as well as unblock the mucus from the nose.

You can use rubber suction bulb after instillation of saline nasal drops for sucking of mucus from the nose which immediately clear the nose of the baby

What are side effects of Nasoclear drops ?

Nasoclear nasal spray can cause nasal irritation in very few patients. Some may experience stinging sensation due to the presence of Benzalkonium chloride solution in the spray.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can we use Nasoclear nasal spray in a day?

You can use nasal drop as and when required. It is better to use nasal drop 3-4 hourly.

How much time does it take for the action of Nasoclear nasal spray ?

As we are going to directly instill nasal drop to the nose so it acts immediately so we will get immediate relief from nasal congestion.

When can I use Nasoclear drops on my baby?

You can use nasoclear drops as when prescribed by doctor. Still you can make use of drops when your baby has snuffy nose.

Do Nasoclear nasal drops contain steroids ?

Nasoclear nasal drops do not contain steroids in it so it can easily be used in children and do not have many side effects.

How long should nasal drops be used?

You can use nasal drops for a maximum seven days. As it contains saline only so you can make use of it when required as well.

How can I clear my baby’s blocked nose at night?

Saline nasal drops are very much effective to unblock the nose of the baby easily at night. It removes crusts from the nose and the baby sleeps well as the baby can breathe easily.

Ref – National Library of Medicine

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