World Cancer Day 2022 Theme

World cancer day is celebrated on 4th February of each year for awareness about the cancer. There is lot of social stigma about the cancer in our society and fear about the cancer is also high. So this is the day on which we have to educate our society about true and false beliefs about the cancer. If we understand it properly then it will be easy for the patients who suffer from the cancer.

What is cancer ?

Cancer is a form of disease in which there is proliferation of abnormal cells in any part of the body. It can affect any part of body including blood as well.

Normally our body has cells which grow and multiply by cell division and when they become old they get damaged and new cell will form at the place of those cells.

If during the cell division of the cells, abnormal cells are formed then they may multiply rapidly and form a tumour or cancer. This proliferation is very much rapid and it detoriates the body immune system and patient suffers a lot from cancer.

Cancer is of two types. One is benign which is not dangerous as it will not invade body tissue. Other one is malingnant which proliferates in body tissue and spreads rapidly than the benign cancer. So it is dreadful condition.

What is the reason for development of the cancer ?

Mutation in genomic sequence is one of the reason responsible for the development of the cancer. Most of the time due to lot of environmental factors and changing habits of human, we may see mutation in gene which causes cancer in human body. As we get older or we are suffering from any major illness our body immunity get lower and lower so ultimately it is the favourable condition for the proliferation of the cancer cells which develops in cancer.

There are lot of mutations due to which we may suffer from different type of cancer.

Smoking is one of the common cause for cancer.

How does the cancer spreads in the body ?

One of the major source of the spread of the cancer is the blood with the help of which cancer cells can spread from one part of body to the other part of body. This spread is known as metastasis. It can spread with the help of lymphatic system as well.

What are types of cancer ?

There are lot of type of cancers. It may depend on the part of the body involved or the tissue involved.The types of cancer are as follows

  • Carcinoma – It is one of the most common type of cancer. It is one of the epithelial cell cancer. There are different type of epithelial cells so we may see different type of carcinoma as per cell type involved.
  • Sarcoma – This type of cancer involved soft tissue and bones. Osteosarcoma is one of the most common cancer of the bone.
  • Leukemia – It is one of the cancer of blood forming tissue. It leads to abnormal proliferation of white blood cells or red blood cells.
  • Lymphoma – It is the cancer which develops from abnormal proliferation of lymphocytes.
  • Myeloma – It is the cancer in which there is abnormal proliferation of the plasma cells.

There are lot of different type of cancers. But most common cancers are mentioned above.

How cancer is diagnosed ?

There are lot of cancers which are diagnosed by different ways as each has different type of markers. Different type of diagnostic tests are avaiable for different cancers.

How cancer is treated?

At present cancer is treated with the help of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. In some cases surgery is one of the option for removal of the cancer. But finally it is the motivation of the patient is very much important to fight against such dreadful disease.

How to prevent suffering from cancer ?

We can see there is lot of lifestyle changes going on in our enviroment. So we must have to adopt essential changes and throw out non essential from our life then it is possible to prevent cancer.

  • Avoid tobacco – Tobacco is one of the common reason responsible for the cancer in human beings. So we must have to avoid smoking which will ultimately reduce the burden of the cancer in our society.
  • Healthy diet – Eating healthy diet will increase immune system of our body so it will definitely help to fight against cancer. Alcohol drinking should be avoided.
  • Physical activity – Physical activity is very much important as it will keep your body. Physical activity keeps circulation of the body regular so It increases immune power of the body and ultimately fight against infections.
  • Get Vaccinated – Some cancer are vaccine preventable so we must have to take hepatitis b vaccine and human papilloma virus vaccine (In girls). So it will give protection against such cancers.

What is the theme of world cancer day 2022?

The world cancer day theme 2022 is close the care gap.

The burden of the cancer is very much high and it is increasing from day to day so we all must have to participate to spread awareness about the cancer so that we can early detect cancer with the help of proper screening and ultimately whatever treatment if available we can cure the cancer early and save the lives.

The most important thing which we must have to do is motivate the patient who is suffering from the cancer as if the fear of the cancer is gone from his/her mind then he /she can easily fight against cancer.

We have seen lot of examples who are come out of cancer disease and living a normal life.There are lot of factors which will restrict care against the cancer but we must have to take lead against those factors so that cancer patient will not suffer and get proper care and we will able to save his/her life.

Lets celebrate world cancer day 2022 and spread the awareness about the cancer.

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