2 Best uses of Mucaine Gel Syrup

Mucaine gel is one of the most commonly used syrup for acidity in adults. This syrup comes in mint flavor or orange flavor so it is a very palatable syrup for acidity.

What is mucaine gel syrup ?

Mucaine gel is mint flavored antacid syrup used against acidity problems in adults. This syrup is manufactured by the Pfizer company.

It is a sugar free syrup. It is available in mint flavor and orange flavor. It needs to be stored at a temperature less than 30 degree Celsius.

Prescription is required for buying the syrup.

What are the contents of mucaine gel syrup ?

It contains three contents as follows. 

  • Aluminium Hydroxide
  • Magnesium Hydroxide (Milk of Magnesia)
  • Oxetacaine

Aluminium hydroxide acts as an acid neutraliser. It helps in neutralizing excess HCL (Hydrochloric acid) produced in the stomach. It also inhibits pepsin activity so helps in digestion of the food.

Aluminium hydroxide forms a protective lining over the wall of the stomach so the acid produced in the stomach will not cause gastric irritation.

Aluminium hydroxide reduces absorption of phosphate from the food as it combines with phosphate and gets removed from the body.

Magnesium Hydroxide also acts as an antacid but its main function is to increase the motility of the intestine so it helps to prevent constipation. Magnesium hydroxide is responsible for secretion of excess water in the intestine which ultimately prevents constipation.

Oxetacaine acts for reducing the gastric acid secretion by reducing gastrin secretion in the stomach. The other important role of the oxetacaine is that it acts as a local anesthetic agent over the lining of the stomach wall. So it helps in reducing pain associated with stomach ulcer and gastritis. Local anesthetic potency of oxetacaine is 2000 times more than that of lignocaine.

The bottle of mucaine syrup is available in 350 ml and 200 ml packs.

What is acidity?

When there is an increase in production of the acid in the stomach rather than normal production, it will lead to acidity.

Due to excess production of acid in the stomach, some of the content of the stomach with acid push up in the esophagus results in reflux esophagitis which is also known as acid reflux. This is responsible for burning sensation below the breast bone in the chest. It is also known as heartburn.

What is the action of mucaine gel syrup?

Mucaine acts as an antacid by reducing gastric secretion from the stomach which ultimately reduces reflux of gastric contents from the stomach. It also reduces pain associated with acidity and ulcer with local anesthetic properties.

What is the dose of mucaine gel syrup ?

Adults can take 5-10 ml of mucaine syrup before food or whenever symptoms of acidity exacerbate. It can be taken thrice a day. Shake the bottle of syrup before use every time.

What are mucaine gel syrup uses? 

Mucaine gel syrup is used for treatment of acidity and gastric ulcers. It also helps to reduce heartburn associated with acidity. This syrup is helpful in treatment of constipation as well.

What are the ill effects of mucaine gel syrup ?

The side effects of the syrup are nausea, diarrhea, constipation in some patients, allergic reaction, hypophosphatemia.  The side effects can be seen in very few patients. 

What precautions to take while taking mucaine gel ?

  • Allergic reaction – After consumption of the syrup if you suffer from any allergic reaction then do not take the next dose of the syrup and contact your doctor immediately.
  • During pregnancy – It is always better to consult your treating doctor before use of mucaine gel syrup.
  • During Breastfeeding – There is no secretion of mucaine gel contents in the breast milk still you can take advice from your pediatrician before the use of syrup.
  • Alcohol consumption – If you have to drink alcohol then you are going to increase acidity of the stomach so there is no use of taking syrup with alcohol. So It is better that you should not drink alcohol.
  • During Driving– This syrup does not impair the ability of driving at all but still if you suffer from drowsiness after taking the syrup avoid driving.
  • Kidney disease –You can safely use mucaine gel syrup in renal disease. But if you suffer from any side effect then you must contact your doctor immediately.
  • Liver disease – You can take syrup in the liver disease but if you suffer from any ill effect then contact your doctor immediately.

Special tips

  • It is always better to take syrup before food or immediately after food. Shake the bottle of the syrup well before use.
  • Drink plenty of water which keeps stomach acidity at normal level. Avoid eating spicy food, hot tea, Chinese foods and oil food which increase acidity of the stomach.
  • Syrup may sometimes cause constipation so it is better to eat a high fiber diet and drink plenty of water along with it.
  • Ulcers may take a long time to heal so always consult your doctor before stopping the syrup. 
  • Drink cold milk which reduces acidity of the stomach. 
  • Physical activity is also important as it improves the digestion system of the body. So you will not suffer from acidity problems.
  • You can use syrup upto the expiry date. So once opened, you can use it till the expiry date.
  • Keep the medicine out of reach of children.

Frequently asked questions 

Can we use mucaine syrup in children ?

We can use mucaine syrup in children for the treatment of gastritis.

What is a dose of mucaine gel for children ?

5 ml of syrup can be given to children before food. Still always consult your doctor before giving it to your children.

Can we take mucaine gel and paracetamol together ?

If you have to take both together then first take mucaine gel then after 5-10 minutes take paracetamol tablet or syrup.

What is the difference between mint and orange mucaine gel syrup ?

There is just a difference of flavor rather the contents of both syrup are the same. So you can buy syrup as per your taste.

Can we take mucaine gel before tea ?

We can take syrup before tea but if you have a problem with acidity then you must avoid drinking tea.

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