How To take Care of the Newborn Baby Parents must know important facts about newborn baby care.  Lets understand it 

Only Breastfeeding upto 6 month of age Breastfeeding is immune booster and helps in growth and development.


It is mother's first milk. It contains antibodies which boost immunity of the baby. It reduces incidence of Jaundice.

Check baby's temperature

Newborn baby temperature must not be very cold or hot Record temperature with the help of thermometer.

Poo and Urine output of baby

Newborn baby should pass first poo within 24 hours of birth. Newborn baby should pass urine within 48 hours of birth 

Scalp Care

Baby's scalp have fontanells Frontal fontanell is largest one. Do not apply too much oil on scalp to avoid fungal infection.

Umbilical Care

Umbilical cord falls away after 7 days. Do not apply oil over umbilical cord. Discharge from umbilicus is sign of infection.

Newborns are prone for infections. So newborn baby care has vital role. For More details about care of baby Click on Baby